Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today, Tomorrow.

 I can`t wait for Kiev Fashion Night. Tommorow in ShoeShoe, Pure, Manufacture, The One, and others ukrainian concept stores from 19.00 till 22.00 we will be able to meet each other, listening to good music from Philipp Markovich, Valta & Minikin [Kievbass], Timan, SuperDj Mavr, Hardtennis..and of course, do some shopping. 
This event is more than entertaining. I consider it to be very instructive, informative and interesting. By the way, KFD will be also summarized there with designers, organizators and participants.

As for this look, I can describe strange day with some strange photos. Inspiration - denim, Nirvana.

Useful info:
Пюре (ул. Рейтарская, 21)
The One (ул. Михайловская, 21б)
Manufactory (ул. Бассейная, 1/2)
ShoeShoe (ул. Олеся Гончара, 15/3)
Toshoshop (ул. Олеся Гончара, 47б)
Atelier 1 (бульв. Тараса Шевченко, 10)
Goodbyefashion (ул.Саксаганского 102Б, оф38, код на двери 38)
Kofta Studio (ул. Ярославов Вал, 14г)
Goodbyefashion (ул. Саксаганского, 102б, кв. 38 (код домофона 38)

See u tomorrow. 

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